Girl Power Meetups: Baltimore

So, this past Sunday (12 June) I went to this event called, Girlpowermeetups in Baltimore. It was cool. It’s a movement that includes women of different backgrounds discussing life, relationships, careers, family, etc. I came in a little late but everyone was super nice. I think another girl arrived around the same time I did. I stated my name and I had to choose a popsicle that described my personality. I came up with a chocolate popsicle with black sprinkles, ha. I just had to put my dark twisted spin on it but it does describe me somewhat. I’m un-apologetically black and I love wearing dark colors. On the flip side, a black popsicle with rainbow sprinkles would be a better description because I love bright colors, I just don’t like wearing bright colors, if that makes sense.

I could relate to just about every topic during the discussion whether it was pursuing a career in something that is financially unstable or dealing with anxiety. The guest speaker was Ashley Ingram who was an activist and artist amongst other great things. She shared her photography and stories about family and teaching racist white pastors from the south about communicating with the black community (crazy, I know).

We did an activity where we had to write down something we’re anxious about this summer and something we’re excited about this summer. For me, it was the same topic; transitioning into a career in the media/arts. This is super stressful because I would be leaving a comfortable 9-5 government job for either a free-lance career or an unsecure position with another company. See, once you get into the government it’s pretty difficult to get fired (meh). Like, you have to be an incompetent, lazy, asshole to be kicked out. So, job security is something I’m concerned with while job hunting. I’m also excited because this is a huge turning point in my life.

Some of the other anxieties were, going to a family reunion, moving, getting married, and doing nothing this summer. Some exciting plans were, being on a break from an ex, traveling, seeing friends, and gardening. Overall, the meet up was very interesting and I’m excited for future events. I took some photos during the discussions and some cool portraits at the end of the meet up.

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