How You Can Fight Against Police Brutality and Help the Families of Sterling and Castille

Outrage is spreading as more information is released about the police involved murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille. Alton Sterling, 37, was shot by police outside of a gas station after a phone call from a witness claimed he was pointing his gun at an individual. The store owner stated that Sterling was not harming anyone and was not resisting when the cops arrested and then fatally shot him. Graphic video shows that Sterling was not resisting as well. Philando Castille, 32, was pulled over with his family for a broken tail light. He advised the cop that he was carrying a licensed gun. When he reached for his wallet, he was fatally shot. Castille’s girlfriend filmed the tragedy from the passenger side with her fearful daughter in the backseat. Protests have started and people are justifiably angry. Even if it feels irrelevant, the public and social outrage, hash tags, protest, riots, petitions, debates, celebrities speaking out, and music, have brought this longstanding issues to the forefront. The people who actually care are always wondering how they can help so I provided some links and ways to help the families of the victims and fight against police brutality.

  1. Sign Color for Change Petition demanding the Department of Justice brings charges against the two officers that killed Alton Sterling here
  2. Donate money to the Sterling children’s scholarship fund here
  3. Join Campaign Zero’s fight against police brutality here. The website states, “Campaign Zero was developed with contributions from activists, protesters and researchers across the nation. This data-informed platform presents comprehensive solutions to end police violence in America. It integrates community demands and policy recommendations from research organizations and the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing.”
  4. Participate in a protest in your city or town
  5. Continue to spread awareness and updates on the killings
  6. Contact New Orleans FBI and ask for the removal of paid leave for the involved officers:


  • FBI New Orleans
  • 2901 Leon C. Simon Bolevard
  • New Orleans, LA 70126
  • Ph: (504) 816-3000
  • Fax: (504) 816-3306


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