The feels! The best reactions to The Walking Dead S7 Ep1 death *SPOILER*

If you’re a walking dead fan, you’ve probably experience the traumatizing death of fictional characters, Abraham and Glenn; if you read the graphic novels, you probably weren’t surprised. The season 6 finale left fans with a stressful cliffhanger when the new villain, Negan, chose one character out of the crew to beat to a bloody pulp. Well, episode 1 of season 7 revealed that Negan chose Abraham and then Glenn. It was very gruesome. Negan beat Abraham till nothing but blood and guts were left and then chose Glenn after Darryl decided to punch him out of anger. Well, in true social media fashion, fans recorded their reactions to the deaths. Some screamed, some cried, some looked in awe. Below are my favorite reactions to the unfortunate deaths.


I love them all! lol

Very emotional

She almost killed the dog and the dad

Starts around 9:34

Got the whole family involved lol!

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