Towson University Students and Faculty organize an Anti-Trump walk out

Hundreds of students and faculty met at Towson University’s Freedom Square to speak out against racial injustice, homophobia, Islamophobia, and discrimination following the presidential election. The faculty ahead of the Social Justice Collective organized the event to provide support and a platform for students to voice their opinions and concerns.

Students and faculty of different races, sexual orientation, and backgrounds spoke of support and oneness for one another but some students got right to the point. In regards to the safety pins that some white allies are wearing, TU student Bilphena Yahwon stated, “I want you to understand. A pin is not enough action. When lives are literally at risk, when people are being assaulted, when people are being killed, when Muslim women are having their hijabs pulled up in public, I don’t care about your goddamn pin.” Her and a few other students spoke about getting past abstract language like, “We’re all one people”, “We all bleed the same blood”, and resolving and speaking about the blatant discrimination that has and is still affecting millions of people in this country.


I was there with the Freedom School, an organization created by TU student, John Gillespie. The organization is a space for Black Radical teachings and discussions open to all every Thursday at the institute.

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