Goodbye Vine! A list of my favorite Viners and where to follow them

January 17th, 2017, the day the video app, Vine will transition to, “Vine Camera”. A platform that will allow users to create videos and download only to their phone or upload to Twitter. Who would have thought 6 second videos would be so entertaining and make average people multi-millionaires. Viral dance crazes, crude voice overs, mind bending visuals, and comedy catapulted Vine as one of the most popular apps between 2013 and 2015. The platform launched lucrative careers for some of its most popular stars including King Bach, Brittany Furlan, Reggie COUZ, and resuscitated some careers like Nickelodeon actor, Josh Peck. Between Instagram’s introduction of videos, to the rise of Snapchat, to internal conflicts, Vine’s popularity started to plummet around 2015.

The social media platform had it’s pros and cons especially in regard to black youth. It displayed how creative and humorous we could be but it also reared it’s ugly, “minstrel show” antics (I mean, do you really need a watermelon, fried chicken, and Kool-Aid in every video?) Either way it was fun while it lasted. I, personally, had around 300 Vines and around 127,000 loops; most of those stemming from a Vine I did at a Tyler, the Creator show. I’ll miss the app but before it disappears, I listed some of my favorite Viners throughout the apps short lived life and how you can keep updated with their content.

Remember to download all of your personal vines or favorite vines from the website or app by January 17th!

1. Tyler, the Creator


One of my favorite artist, Tyler, the Creator, was the reason I joined the platform. After constantly viewing his Vines through the browser platform, I finally downloaded the app for myself. If you’ve followed Tyler and Odd Future throughout the years then their energetic and immature antics come at no surprise. Pranks, concert footage, and jazz music filled up Tyler’s now deserted Vine account. In true hipster fashion, Tyler jetted out of the platform once it became popular but he can still be found on twitter under his renamed handle @tylerthecreator (previously @fucktyler) or his Instagram, @feliciathegoat.

2. Rickey Thompson


He’s funny, sassy, and loves his food. Rickey Thompson was one of Vines most popular stars with 2.5 million followers and around a BILLION loops. He created his own YouTube channel back when Vine was dwindling in popularity. You can catch his hilarious stories and commentary on his channel, Rickey Thompson, and check him out on the original YouTube show, Foursome.


Around 2015 or so, I popped in and out of Vine just to see if anyone still used it. At that time, most of popular users and traffic had moved along but I came across an interesting account entitled Fuzzoscope. The record label produces soothing hip hop/ jazz infused instrumentals and through Vine they paired the songs with psychedelic visuals. MP3 downloads and cassettes are available on their website, and you can follow them on twitter @Fuzzoscope.

4. The Golden Corndog

She has a very unique sense of humor and a killer sense of style. How to explain her earlier Vines? Think amateur comedy night mixed with elevator music (eh, I can’t explain it, you’d have to be there, sorry). You can follow her on twitter @ElGoldieCornie and Instagram at @thegoldencorndog.

5. fLEshtoneCraYon

FlestoneCrayon is not here for white supremacy (neither am I) but is here for black empowerment with a little bit of humor. He took aim at the new elected president and anyone associated with racist behavior while also posting quotes from our favorite civil rights leaders and videos of current social issues. Follow their twitter @fLEshtoneCraYon.   

6. Yotsu

You’ll either ask, “What’s the song title?” or “What’s the anime title?” with these videos. Similar to Fuzzoscope, Yotsu Vines paired relaxing instrumentals with various anime shows and films. Their YouTube channel by the same name includes longer clips for your viewing pleasure.


7. Tragic Tofu

I don’t know where Tragic Tofu found all of their vintage commercials and movie clips but they fit perfectly with a diverse music catalogue and perfect loops. Follow their twitter account @TragicTofu.

8. Summerella

O mah gud! One of Summerella’s signature phrases. Not only does she slay in the looks and hair department; she makes hilarious videos as well. She sings too! Right now, she has a song out with the artist Jacquees entitled, Pull Up. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram under @_Summerella_.

9. Mystery Mansion

Dream like production fused with pixelated greatness. The music from Mystery Mansion sounds like it jumped out of an 8-bit video game. Follow them on twitter @mystrymnsion and their SoundCloud at

10. Mr. Mase

By now, you can tell I love music and the Vine accounts associated with music. Mr. Mase account consisted of a great vinyl collection and tunes with a mix of animation, vintage clips, and outdoor visuals. You can follow him on twitter @supercrab and his website,

11. TheRealJet$ki

I think a few marbles might’ve gone missing with TheRealJet$ki aka Jet Wavy. He loves dancing to trap music in an array of costumes and outfits; Lil Wayne, Luigi, and one of his more popular videos, the blue power ranger, are just a few characters he’s taken on. Check out Complex’s video about Jet Wavy below and follow him on twitter @JET_Wavy and YouTube under, The Iggnant Show.

12. JusReign

He created very funny videos including a strict father, paranoid boyfriend, and Punjabi renditions of the latest hip hop songs. JusReign has been one of Vine’s biggest stars with over a billion loops and a million followers. He’s been a red carpet correspondent for the Much Music Video Awards, starred in a few films, and won The YouTuber of the Year award at the 2016 Next Media Awards.

13. 4EverKelz

He is so funnnyyyy! Don’t believe me? Watch a compilation of his best vines below and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @4everKelz.

Honorable Mentions

Mike Q (SoundCloud: Djmikeq/ Twitter: @TheOnlyMikeQ)


Yung Poppy (IG:@theyungp/Twitter: @therealyungpoppy)

Nicholas Megalis (Twitter: @nicholasmegalis)/ Youtube: Nicholas Megalis

Taran (IG: @taranpoke)


Bye Vine! I’ll Miss You!





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