Officer Roy Oliver fired for murder of Jordan Edwards but will he be charged?

Police Chief of the Balch Springs Police Department, Jonathan Haber, announced on Tuesday, 2 May, that after conducting an internal affairs inquiry, officer Roy Oliver will be fired after killing 15 year old Jordan Edwards. The incident began when police were called to a party in Balch Springs, Texas on reports of underage drinking. While Jordan Edwards, his two brothers and two friends were leaving the party, shots were fired outside of the house. Teens started to flee the scene in response to the shots and the group started to leave in their car. As they drove away from the party, officer Oliver used his rifle to shoot into the vehicle, striking Edwards in the head and killing him.The group was not involved in the violence and were not intoxicated. Oliver lied about the situation, stating that the vehicle reversed aggressively towards him. The next day, after reviewing the body cameras, the police department recanted this statement stating that the vehicle was actually moving away. To make matters even worse Edwards brothers and friends say they were intimated and aggressively arrested by police after witnessing Edwards death. They were later released.

The Edwards family said in a statement that they were grateful for Chief Haber’s decision, but added that there was “a long road ahead” and called for Mr. Oliver to be arrested on a murder charge. The statement, released by S. Lee Merritt, a lawyer for the family, criticized the department’s treatment of Jordan’s brothers and friends after the shooting. A criminal investigation is currently being conducted by two Dallas County agencies, the sheriff’s department and the district attorney’s office.

Will this murderer be charged? On Tuesday, it was also announced that Michael Slager, the North Charleston cop who shot and killed Walter Scott as he fled, plead guilty to violating Scott’s civil rights. He could face a life sentence but as part of the plea, murder charges were dropped against him. On the other hand, charges will not be filed against the cop who shot and killed Alton Sterling.

I will continue to provide updates on the story in hopes that Jordan Edwards and the cop who murdered him do not get swept underneath the rug. Rest in peace to Jordan Edwards and I hope him, his family and friends get the justice they deserve!


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