Tyler, the Creator releases new track “Boredom” and Interviews w/ Dazed Magazine

In the midst of Tyler, the Creators leaked album, Scum Fuck Flower Boy, a new single has been released entitled Boredom. The self-explanatory, dreamy tune seems to aim at what I assume are kids out of school and people who do not have jobs during the day. I can’t relate until it’s the weekend but in a world of social media fronts from your average person and extravagant adventures from our favorite celebrities, this song gives us a different perspective of an entertainer’s life, specifically Tyler’s. “Find some time to do something” is the chorus which “kids these days”, have been badgered with for the past few decades. It’s basically a “GO OUTSIDE!” A little motivation for the young and impressionable. The song also features Corrine Bailey Rae, Rex Orange, and Anna North. It’s interesting that a lot of these artist interact with thousands of people but still feel lonely at times. Can we talk about how low key or I guess high key shady Tyler can be to his “friends”. “My friend’s suck, fuck em’, I’m over em. Y’all ain’t hit me all day’”. This isn’t the first time he’s come for his friends but they seem a little shady to him so maybe they deserve it.

Tyler also interviewed with Dazed magazine. He talks about Kanye West’s obsession with fashion elites, not receiving credit for some of the trends he’s set in the past, and his new Converse deal. He is asked about Kanye and his serious approach to fashion like interning for labels and wanting approval from some of the industry’s biggest names. In response to this Tyler states, “I could do a show in Paris without any of them. They’re not stopping me. That’s the thing. People think, ‘I gotta be cool with these people to do this or I gotta get respect from the people to do this.’” I agree. At the end of the day if Tyler can influence a bunch of young people to buy his clothes and attend his fashion show, Kanye has the potential to succeed without kissing up to fashion idols. If anything Kanye, needs to use his big mouth and influence to shed some light on some more pressing matters like police brutality or poverty but I digress.

Tyler also talks about not receiving credit for some of his past trends like pop up shops, cat designs, and tie dye shirts. I can attest to this; after Tyler’s past fashion choices; I’ve seen more cats and donut pillows that actually mimic Tyler’s design when I go to the mall. He is very influential but at the same time, Tyler tends to have this pretentious attitude towards what he perceives as creative theft like when he was “over” stage diving after other “black” rappers started to do the same or when he threw shots at who some assumed was ASAP Rocky about being one of the only rappers to seriously direct his own music videos. Sometimes imitation can be the sincerest form of flattery.

Tyler also signed a deal with Converse. He previously collaborated with Vans but stated the company would not let him grow the way Converse will; hopefully this is true. Below is the explosive promo for the collaboration.

Tyler had no comments about his sexuality following the lyrics on two leaked songs, Garden Shed and I Ain’t Got Time. There have been mixed reactions to the lyrics including some who feel that he is joking especially since he has said similar things in the past, other’s feel as though his past statements are proof all along that he identifies as gay or bi, some love it, and of course some are being hateful trolls. I feel the lyrics are deeper than some of his past statements. It sounds like he has possibly suppressed his sexuality for a while and now he wants to reveal his truth. Then again, it could all be a stunt; he did mention not getting credit for his influence so maybe this will boost his popularity.


Whether he is straight, gay, bi, or pan, I’m excited for his new album and his upcoming ventures like his show, Nuts and Bolts on Viceland and any other surprises he has hiding away. Check out the creepy turned soft, Tyler-esque video for Who Dat Boy and 911/Mr.Lonely below.

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