BUY BLACK BUSINESS WEEK: Youth Businesses and Games

Today’s Buy Black Business Week category will be dedicated to businesses created by and for the youth! These young entrepreneur’s are very inspiring, running their own brands including apparel, food, and community work. Black video game developers and physical games are included as well.

Gabby Bows $

Hair Accessories

JYoungin & CO. $

Non-Profit Organization, Motivational Speeches and Apparel

Magno Brain

Educational Board and Card Games

Essynce Couture $$-$$$

Apparel, Cosmetics, and Books

Jewelz of Jordan $$

Luxury Jewelry

The Young Moguls $


Mr.Cory’s Cookies $

Me & the Bees Lemonade $



Card for the Culture

Nerjyzed, Inc

Video Game and App Developer



Dimension U

Interactive Mathematic and Literacy Games


Notion Games

Computer Games



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