Sierra Leone Mudslide Death Toll to Exceed 500. How you can help.

A heavy rainstorm and massive mudslide in Sierra Leone has displaced around 20,000 people and killed 500. Officials say there are at least 600 people still missing and feared to be dead. The heavy rain caused a mudslide from the slopes of the nearby Mount Sugar Loaf which covered the fragile houses close to the area. The country is also battling cholera, malaria, and skin infections due to the flood.


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On Thursday, 413 people were laid to rest in a mass burial in the nearby town of Waterloo.

The capital is expecting more rain so authorities are preparing to evacuate more citizens who are near any hillsides.

The mudslide follows almost a year and half after the country recovered from the devastating Ebola outbreak that lasted around 2 years.

So far, the UK government has given 6 million in funds

CNN has provided relief funds that are aiding in the flood. Click below to donate to the Sierra Leone Victims.

Catholic Relief Services

Global Giving

Save the Children

Street Child

World Food Program


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