The Rundown with Robin Thede premieres tonight on BET!

Attention all black women, men, children, and people who want to see black folks prosper; be sure to watch or DVR (this counts in the ratings) the premier of The Rundown with Robin Thede tonight on BET. Thede, a comedian, writer, and now late night host, will discuss an array of topics on her show including pop culture, politics, and current events with a splash of humor. Thede is an accomplished writer in the industry, she has written for the 2016 White House Correspondents Dinner, Kevin Hart stand-ups and she served as the head writer for, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. She was the only African-American woman to hold the head writer position in late night at the time and will now be the only African-American woman to host a late night show this fall.


In response to the consistent discussion of Trump in late-night television, Thede stated, “I want more of a black point of view of the week’s events. At BET, we have the luxury of not having to talk about Trump. Black people already know he’s bad”. Ain’t that the truth? Black people aren’t shocked or surprise by Trump; the racism in this administration and country is no revelation to us (well maybe those over 30) so other topics will suffice. That’s not to say that the show will completely ignore 45; his antics are a weekly, no daily catastrophe.


Along with discussing hot button topics, The Rundown will also feature woman on the street segments, monologues, and pop-up musical performances. So, PLEASE support the show. We haven’t had a late night show hosted by a black woman in a while and as of now we only have one other black person on late night; Trevor Noah. If we want to receive our own unfiltered, real, and humorous perspective on current events without being censored like our girl, Jemele Hill, we’ll have to come in droves to support our own. Catch the premier tonight on BET at 11/10c.

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