Colin Kaepernick Completes One Million Dollar Pledge With Help From Some Celebrity Friends

As we know, Kaepernick risked his NFL career in 2016 after kneeling during the national anthem. People with common sense who actually care about the welfare of the black community understood why he was protesting but the rest of racist white America did not including the NFL owners and coaches who have still not signed Kaepernick to a team.

So, since Kaepernick cares about the people he is protesting for, he used his platform to assist different communities through workshops, speeches, and most importantly his pockets. Since September, 2016, Kaepernick pledged to raise $1 million for organizations who actively help underserved communities of color. For the last $100,000, Kaepernick started a 10 for 10 campaign where he matched a $10,000 donation with a celebrity or athlete to the charity of their choice. The donators included Kevin Durant, Jesse Williams, Stephen Curry, Snoop Dogg, Serena Williams, T.I., Chris Brown, Jhene Aiko, Joey Badass, Nick Cannon, Meek Mill, and Usher to round out the last $10,000. DJ Khaled and Steve Stoute also donated $10,000 each after the million dollars was accomplished.


Congratulations to Colin Kaepernick and his team! Visit Kaepernick7 to read more info on the million dollar pledge and how you can help the various organizations.


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