I came up with the idea to start a blog on 6/15/2016. I was sitting at work, doodling as usual when the  idea popped into my head. I was mostly influenced by my new obsession, “Black and Sexy TV”. It’s an online network that has multiple shows about young black life with regards to relationships. I want to do something like that because video is my motif (my first time using this word, ha) (I don’t like typing LOL if I’m not laughing out loud so ha will do). But I know it takes a ton of money to execute so I want to ease my way in with a blog. This will include my interests like music, anime, film, activism, humor, and yeah. Like black nerds mixed in with black lives matter mixed in with the random humor I like. Oh, and 90’s culture of course. Lisa Frank is the shit! I also want to collaborate with other writers because I suck at writing. My mind is all over the place. So, follow if you like the above topics.

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