Black Business Week: Home Décor and Cuisine


Today’s Buy Black Business Week category will be dedicated to Home Décor and Cuisine. Spruce up your living space with traditional African designs, calming candles, and delicately sculpted furniture. The cuisine section features black owned restaurants, lounges, and catering services. The art category will be listed in a separate post today.

Home Décor

Don’t Sleep Interiors


Reflektion Designs


Harmony Designs Furniture

Lakay Designs

House of Kawaii


Instagram: @Kalynkawaii


Ali Sandifer

Instagram: @alisandifer



Loo Hoo Wool Dryer Balls

Simply Scents Candle Co.


Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar (Washington D.C.)


Fusion East (Brooklyn, New York)

Caribbean and Soul Food


Black Tie Caterers (Essex, MD)



Delta’s Restaurant (New Brunswick, NJ) 

Michele Foods

Maple Syrup and Recipes

BQE Lounge ATL, GA

Live Music, Brunch, and Dinner



Class Act Catering (Randallstown, MD)


  • FaceBook
  • Email:


Soren Tea


Milk River (Brooklyn, NY)

Live Performances and Cuisine


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